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It is most troubling that in an ever-changing world we are, things such as, moral behaviour, security of life and property, global peace, etc, have changed from good to bad and now even worse. They are are on the  opposite axis of science and technological advancement that are positively serving the betterment of the global society. Nigeria and the rest of the world are becoming increasingly violent, fraught with alarming  insecurity spirally out of control, chiefly due to leverage of excessive and uncontrolled human right, lack of fear of God, indicipline, outright disregard for moral values, where a good name is no longer endeared more than riches as before. In a postmodern world which makes all ethics relative, secularism is thus becoming so obvious than expected.

Besides, virtually all the present day parents, political leaders and even some contemporary religious leaders, who were supposed to be firm and examples of good qualities of moral values, fear of God, self-discipline, etc., are rather the ones found so wanting and compromising. The world is at the edge of precipice; children are becoming unnecessarily and increasingly stubborn; they spite their parents, teachers and elders in the society. Gangsterism and brigandage are escalating above decimation. Suffice to note that these rude behavours were uncommon some few decades ago when the fear of God took precedence virtually in all things.

It’s pathetic to observe how the society, precisely Nigeria, attributes the present alarming violent and insecurity situation to the bane of unemployment and joblessness which are secondary factors would be salvaged almost automatically.

All in all, it’s important to note that this horrible situation will continue in the society if we fail to address it from the root, being the young children, that should and must be fully nurtured with the fear of God, Moral value and self-discipline as they were in some intervening decades ago (perhaps centuries ago) So that when they are grown they will be shining example, influencing and changing the society for good. This is our indefatigable focus and hence mission statement of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Model School. To give full information not only in academics, but morals, physical growth and social seen in Eucharistic Heart of Jesus. A steady source of imitation while remaining responsible, faithful and friendly to the public, and above all to our Eucharistic Lord.

As an institute that is always out and know for the best, this therefore is what the entire school management and staff revere and pursue without a shred of compromise, and the objective is being systematically achieved .It’s interesting to say with every sense of satisfaction and joy that pupils and students that have passed through us are seen and reported to exhibit equal characteristic of standing –out, both in academic and moral excellence in the midst of others.

The joy will remain ours, the blessing to the society and the glory to God. I therefore use this platform to encourage all and sundry to join hands with us towards achieving this along the axis of a fast changing world we are. Send your children and wards to us and we’re cocksure you will forever be grateful unto God, who uses us as his wonderful instruments. Stay blessed, and may the peace of God that surpasses the understanding of this world come down and tarry with us, especially in this present time, in Jesus name. Amen!

Rev Sr. Mary Martha Imhandiojie(EHJ)

EHJMS, Kubwa – Abuja.

REVISION! REVISION!! REVISION!!! Revision will commence Monday 25th November, 2019. In view of this, the School will be closing at 1.30pm Thanks
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