Aims & Objectives


The purpose behind the establishment of this School was to first and foremost give an all-round development to children in order to groom them to be good citizens and responsible leaders of our country Nigeria. Secondly, to provide employment.


The target goal of Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Model School is to consolidate a healthy, wealthy and happy society in partnership with professional bodies, nations, government and international agencies, thereby enhancing dynamism in societal development as a result of sound bodily fitness and longevity.


The aims and objectives of EHJMS include but not limited to the following:
  1. To eliminate poverty by encouraging the efforts of all in Job creation, skill acquisition/life enhancement programs, self-employment and educational empowerment.
  2. To give orientation to developing young leaders of tomorrow.
  3. To embark upon various life enhancement gesture in view of projecting the basic concept of life and longevity.
  4. To liaise with the government of states, for the provision of life success tool and strategies.
  5. To introduce, encourage, strengthen and give hope to mankind, thereby addressing the menace of psychological imbalance.


REVISION! REVISION!! REVISION!!! Revision will commence Monday 25th November, 2019. In view of this, the School will be closing at 1.30pm Thanks
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